Would you rather work at nasa or spacex?

Albertha Beer asked a question: Would you rather work at nasa or spacex?
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I’m 60 years old and have had three jobs in my life. As a teenager in high school I worked at Morgan City Farm Supply. We sold everything from wiring to hardware to plumbing to fertilizer to pig feed to fencing to ammunition. About the only thing ...

❓ Does nasa work with spacex?

NASA’s support of companies like SpaceX has reshaped the landscape of the U.S. aerospace industry. Entrenched aerospace contractors that traditionally enjoyed little or no competition are putting greater emphasis on new technologies that lower the cost of spaceflight.

❓ Does spacex work for nasa?

On 30 May 2020, SpaceX successfully launched two NASA astronauts (Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken) into orbit on a Crew Dragon spacecraft during Crew Dragon Demo-2, making SpaceX the first private company to send astronauts to the International Space Station and marking the first crewed launch from American soil in 9 years ...

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It’s the same for SpaceX and NASA. SpaceX and NASA are different organizations with different purposes. SpaceX is a small aerospace company that builds and flies rockets to launch customers’ payloads into space. NASA is a large research organization that, among other things, hires companies like SpaceX to launch its payloads into space.

Would you rather work with NASA or SpaceX? How would you do a repair a spaceship while its in space or in orbit? Could a planet/star form from something other than a supernova?

I’ve worked for both. I chose NASA in your poll. There are trade offs, but the biggest thing is the hours you’re expected to work at SpaceX. It kept me from being able to enjoy other hobbies, and that’s not the life I’m trying to live.

Disclaimer: I do not work at SpaceX, though I visited the factory a few times. :(Simple answer: Yes. Long answer: If you're working for SpaceX, you'd spend 14 hours a day in a clean-room factory. Which is amazing, by the way. It's one of the few places I don't get a stuffy nose. The sense of excitement at doing something world-changing is almost palpable.

Do not get a job at SpaceX unless you want to be treated like absolute shit and forced to work 60-80 hours a week all the time until you burn out and they replace you. I know a bunch of people who worked there and every one of them said it was the worst job they've ever had. I know a lot of people who currently work there and love it.

I will answer as many as I can. I don't work a SpaceX (hopefully will in the future) but I have spoke with and worked with several former employees. Hours: Expect to work weekends but thats as far as my knowledge goes. I know they run 24/7 pretty much. Dress: Casual. SpaceX apparel. Work Area: if your software You'd probably be at a cubicle.

I can't speak for SpaceX but at least at NASA if you want to work as an engineer, you will need to be a US Citizen (Dual citizen is fine). If that becomes a hurdle, you could always consider the ESA, which is our international partner.

SpaceX employees rated their Positive Business Outlook 37% higher than Boeing employees rated theirs. Salaries Boeing has 17,310 more total submitted salaries than SpaceX.

Maezawa and his guests will fly with Elon Musk's SpaceX in 2023 aboard the company's "Starship" launch vehicle. Starship is still being tested, and has not yet successfully made it to space and back. In 2018, Maezawa was the first person to book a seat on the planned SpaceX moon mission, and he said at the time that he would bring along six to eight artists to help inspire people back on Earth when they returned.

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Will spacex and nasa work together?

NASA and SpaceX have not experienced any of those problems in the PICA heat-shield work. Part of the success of the collaboration is due to the two organizations’ shared engineering language and shared enthusiasm for the

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How do spacex and nasa work together?

SpaceX is not replacing NASA; SpaceX is not competing with NASA. The two are working together, in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. NASA does not have the means to launch payloads into space, and so they rely on outside contractors to provide launch services for whatever they want to launch. SpaceX is one of these “contractors.”

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Should i work for nasa or spacex?

Is it better to work at NASA or SpaceX? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Answer by Andre Lavoie , Former Engineer at SpaceX, on Quora :

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Will spacex and nasa work together next?

NASA is getting ready to send astronauts to explore more of the Moon as part of the Artemis program, and the agency has selected SpaceX to continue development of the first commercial human lander that will safely carry the next two American astronauts to the lunar surface.

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Will spacex and nasa work together today?

But as tempting as it is to lump these companies together, Blue Origin and SpaceX are more different than they are alike. Understanding these differences are key to knowing why each company is vying for the coveted NASA contract. Elon Musk wants to retire on Mars, Jeff Bezos wants you to work in space

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Is spacex nasa?

SpaceX’s 22nd Cargo Resupply Mission Underway as Dragon Journeys to Station 3 months ago More than 7,300 pounds of science and research, crew supplies, and vehicle …

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Will spacex and nasa work together in 2018?

The idea, conceived in 2011, was to propose it for funding in 2013 and 2015 as the United States NASA Discovery mission#13 for launch in 2022, but it was not submitted. On 27 April 2016 SpaceX ...

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Will spacex and nasa work together in 2019?

NASA agrees to work with SpaceX on orbital refueling technology ... 2019 11:55 am UTC… The fact that they’re all going to get together in the same room …

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Will spacex and nasa work together in season?

NASA + SpaceX Work Together Home / 40 / ASK Magazine / NASA + SpaceX Work Together. October 17, 2010. Andrew Chambers and Dan Rasky. By Andrew Chambers and Dan Rasky …

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Does nasa really need spacex more than spacex needs nasa?

Yes, NASA does but it is only for the moment and only with certain projects. The legacy of SpaceX will need NASA eventually to preserve and expand on what SpaceX has initiated.

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Did nasa pay spacex?

NASA allegedly paid SpaceX $5 million to conduct a review within the company to ensure that its employees are not using illegal drugs. The agency reportedly made the move after the company’s founder

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Does nasa fund spacex?

How does NASA rely on SpaceX? NASA did not have a replacement ready when the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011. Despite having 7 years to prepare, the agency never received the funding necessary to finish construction of the ISS and develop a new human-capable spacecraft and rocket system, all while continuing to fly the Shuttle—which by the end of its lifetime cost $3.5 billion per year.

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Does nasa help spacex?

NASA remains a principle customer for Space-X—which tells you a lot has changed. From 1958, when NASA was created until the end of the century, American spacecraft were contracted for NASA in the...

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Does nasa oversee spacex?

NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.

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Does nasa pay spacex?

space shuttle nasa space shuttle

SpaceX was one of the first companies to receive money from NASA; the company was just 4 years old at the time. NASA paid for roughly half the cost to develop SpaceX's workhorse Falcon 9 rocket. In 2008, SpaceX received a multi-billion dollar contract to fly cargo to the ISS.

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Does spacex own nasa?

  • Well, SpaceX is a privately owned company founded by Elon Musk, the highly revered private space entrepreneur. NASA, on the other hand, is a government-owned and funded organization. But they are equally SpaceX’s biggest customers. Space launch services have long been the only source of revenue for SpaceX.

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Does spacex pay nasa?

SpaceX Wins $2.9 Billion Contract For Next Lunar Lander

SpaceX was one of three companies chosen last year to develop technology for NASA's Human Landing System program. On Friday NASA announced SpaceX's "Starship" design had beat out the other two companies for the contract.

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Spacex why not nasa?

SpaceX is a for-profit company, whereas NASA is a taxpayer-funded entity free to pursue scientific discoveries that are not directly linked to financial gain. Perceptions that SpaceX and NASA are competing with one another usually relates to NASA’s Artemis program.

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What is nasa spacex?

  • SpaceX is one of two commercial companies picked by NASA to fly astronauts to and from the space station. The other company is Boeing , which will launch astronauts on its CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and Atlas V rockets. NASA awarded SpaceX a $2.6 billion contract in 2014 to develop Crew Dragon for astronaut flights.

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When nasa saved spacex?

The first Dragon flew to the ISS in 2012. Since then, according to a new study published by Edgar Zapata from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the agency has been able to save hundreds of millions in...

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Why does nasa spacex?

Why do we need both NASA and SpaceX? NASA’s support of companies like SpaceX has reshaped the landscape of the U.S. aerospace industry. Entrenched aerospace contractors that traditionally enjoyed little or no competition are putting greater emphasis on new technologies that lower the cost of spaceflight.

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