Would spaceships be navy or air force for women?

Ahmad Berge asked a question: Would spaceships be navy or air force for women?
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❓ Would spaceships be navy or air force better?

3 points · 11 years ago. This is the same thing I was thinking. The Navy would operate the capital ships and carriers. The Army/Marines would have drop ships. The Air force would most likely specialize in smaller ships that act more like fighters or craft that can operate in space and in the atmosphere. level 1.

❓ Would spaceships be navy or air force doctor?

Navy. A space ship is much more like a naval ship than an aircraft. It has to operate independently. Planes typically operate from a base for limited operations. It carries necessary supplies and abilities for limited repairs. Planes rely on bases for all resupply and repair. Larger spaceships will carry or house smaller ships.

❓ Would spaceships be navy or air force nurse?

Star Trek sees and treats space ships as boats in space. Crew members have naval titles. Ships have a helm, a deck. Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe) sees …

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A space force is a military branch of a nation's armed forces that conducts military operations in outer space and space warfare. The world's first and, as of 2021, only independent space force is the United States Space Force, established on 20 December 2019.

As the proposal is written now, the Space Force would be a lean organization—one wrapped into the Air Force, much like the Marine Corps operates inside the Navy. And its service members will be the military and civilian personnel already involved in supporting U.S. space operations.

Most self-respecting starships in science fiction stories use antimatter as fuel for a good reason – it’s the most potent fuel known. While tons of chemical fuel are needed to propel a human mission to Mars, just tens of milligrams of antimatter will do (a milligram is about one-thousandth the weight of a piece of the original M&M candy).

On December 20 2019, the United States Space Force (USSF) was officially established as an independent branch of the United States military. However, it is still funded under the Department of the Air Force, much as the Marine Corps is funded under the Department of the Navy, and its current members are all former Air Force personnel.

Women began to join the Imperial Navy in 2345 B.U.K. with the formation of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS), which was disbanded after the end of the Gainese-Russo War I in 1774 A.U.K. It was revived in 1939, and the WRNS continued until disbandment in 1993, as a result of the decision to fully integrate women into the structures of the Imperial Navy.

Fleets of Star Wars-style US Navy space fighters have been covertly protecting the human race from reptillian attacks for decades, according to UFO author William Tompkins. The 92-year-old writer claims to have worked in the aerospace industry for a think tank tasked with designing kilometer-long anti-gravity spacecraft for the US Navy in the 1950s and 60s.

Space warfare is hypothetical combat in which one or more belligerents are situated in outer space. The scope of space warfare therefore includes ground-to-space warfare, such as attacking satellites from the Earth; space-to-space warfare, such as satellites attacking satellites; and space-to-ground warfare, such as satellites attacking Earth-based targets. Space warfare in fiction is thus sub-genre and theme of science fiction, where it is portrayed with a range of realism and plausibility. As

The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal

USS Princeton radar operator Gary Vorhees later confirmed from a Navy sonar operator in the area that day that a craft was moving faster than 70 knots, roughly two times the speed of nuclear subs.

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Does the space force have spaceships?

The chief of space operations exercises supervision over the Space Force's units and serves as one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Space Force is the smallest U.S. armed service, consisting of 4,840 personnel and operating 77 spacecraft.

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In scifi media, why are spaceships navy?

In Scifi Media, Why Are Spaceships Navy? Close. 11. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Archived. In Scifi Media, Why Are Spaceships Navy? Is there a reason, or did someone say it and it caught on? Thanks! ...

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Are there relativistic spaceships in space force?

Indeed, as you realise, there is no friction in space.. well, there is a tiny bit, because space is not 100% empty, it has trace amounts of dust, hydrogen and radiation. But this dust will not cause any significant drag unless you move really fast relative to the dust (say, at a significant fraction of the speed of light)

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How do spaceships accelerate in space force?

Can a spaceship accelerate in space? As long as you have useable energy in your ship, you can use it to accelerate indefinitely your propellant in the opposite direction you want to accelerate; this is how rockets work.

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How do spaceships navigate in space force?

As we send more probes farther into space and learn more about our Solar System, the prospect of sending manned missions beyond the Moon is becoming much more realistic. One of the biggest obstacles to this effort is how to protect astronauts from the high-energy particles found in deep space and the deadly solar winds, which contain alpha particles and protons that can destroy DNA, causing cancer.

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Would cargo spaceships have gravity?

A ship could achieve artificial gravity by rotating about its axis. To be practical, the radius of rotation would have to be quite large. Additionally, a ship could create artificial gravity by constantly accelerating forwards. Shows that portray artificial gravity without rotation or constant forward acceleration are simply non-physical.

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Would spaceships be like submarines?

A submarine would make a great spaceship. I don't know why the other answers say otherwise. The difference between a spaceship and a submarine aren't that large. Of course it isn't automatically ready to go to space, it would need a lot of improvements, but not as much as you would think.

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Would spaceships have self destruct?

The reasoning why you need an SDM (Self-Destruct Mechanism) is because on any Colony or Spaceship or Space Station there must be a Laboratory that Manages …

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How do spaceships slow down in space force?

In general, the further a spacecraft gets from the Sun, the slower it will move – unless of course, the mission has been given enough velocity and rocket fuel to propel it to its destination. Other effects such as light pressure from the Sun, though, can speed up some rockets, as can drag from an atmosphere if they’re close to a planet.

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What domain would spaceships fall under?

The United States Space Force (USSF) is the space service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, one of the eight U.S. uniformed services, and the world's first and currently only independent space force. Along with its sister-branch, the U.S. Air Force, the Space Force is part of the Department of the Air Force, one of the three civilian-led military departments within the Department of Defense.

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What would spaceships actually look like?

According to Millis, spacecrafts are shown like aerodynamic jet-shaped objects moving in the space. But in real it’s not like that. Actually, the real spaceships are not air-centric, hence the need of projecting winged spacecraft is not necessary. This is because real-world airplanes need wings to take off from runways and make a safe landing.

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Would spaceships be cold or hot?

Given the fact that the ISS experiences 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets in a single day, you can imagine the drastic changes in temperature the ISS experiences.. However, of course, you can’t have humans doing their research, calibrating systems, making repairs and doing other important activities in a spaceship when they constantly have to worry about how hot or cold it is going to be every ...

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Would spaceships be dark in space?

Alternatively, a spacecraft that is outside of any solar system and is therefore very far from all stars, would be completely dark aside from its own internal lights. Such vehicles in deep space would look like vehicles do on earth at night away from streetlights and with no moon.

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Would spaceships need to be cramped?

The International Space Station isn't cramped. The Space Shuttle wasn't too cramped. But spacecraft that fly through the atmosphere (the ISS does not) have to be aerodynamic, and that means they're pointy at one end, which constrains the volume.

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Would use black holes to spaceships?

An outrageous new concept called a “halo drive” could let spaceships of the future attain incredible speeds — by using lasers to steal energy from black holes. “It’s kind of like a ...

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Why do we need spaceships in the space force?

  • The Space Force needs routine access to space; it needs spaceships. It needs a credible SSTO capability as soon as possible to claim its place in the domain. We can achieve practical SSTOs with the expenditure of a relatively small amount of additional R&D dollars aimed at the right technologies and toward a flying prototype.

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Eli5:why are spaceships in fiction associated with the navy?

The Air Force does not procedures for vehicles larger than a transport plane. The Navy does. Since we don't have space fleets (yet) sci-fi writers have to work with what they know. The Navy's procedures are much more readily adaptable. Notice that most space ships are named like Naval things (eg Battleships, Cruisers, Frigates).

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Should space ships fall under the navy or air force?

Currently, the Navy has 293 deployable battle force ships. Of those 293 deployable ships, 89 are currently deployed, including submarines. The Navy has multiple aircraft carriers in the Atlantic, Pacific, 5th Fleet, and 6th Fleet. They also have an Amphibious Assault Ship currently underway.

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Spaceships - why would space fleets be aligned?

To them, a well aligned fleet is the sign of a good general. Weapons and shielding are mainly at the front in order to save weight. So you want the front of your ships to face the enemy. If both fleet are applying the same logic, you get two well aligned fleet.

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What would real alien spaceships look like?

According to Millis, spacecrafts are shown like aerodynamic jet-shaped objects moving in the space. But in real it’s not like that. Actually, the real spaceships are not air-centric, hence the need of projecting winged spacecraft is not necessary. This is because real-world airplanes need wings to take off from runways and make a safe landing.

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Why would alien spaceships be flying saucers?

But, whenever possible, try to use the term flying saucer or alien spacecraft instead. Here are some reasons why: UFO originally meant Unconventional flying object, not unidentified flying object. The military has known since the 1940s that these were intelligently piloted craft.

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Why would game of thrones have spaceships?

Why would game of thrones have spaceships? to probe cersei but her brother already did this. add your own caption. 105 shares. like; meh; caption; Lets play the firetruck game. I'll run my hand up your leg and when you want me to stop, yell "redlight" Redlight! Firetrucks don't stop for red lights. add your own caption.

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Would giant cannonballs be feasible on spaceships?

Hubble Detects Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting from Star. Great balls of fire! NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has detected superhot blobs of gas, each twice as massive as the planet Mars, being ejected near a dying star. The plasma balls are zooming so fast through space it would take only 30 minutes for them to travel from Earth to the moon.

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Would rectangle or circular spaceships be better?

It depends. Are these spaceships taking off from planets? Because gravity and air resistance would favor the aerodynamic design you see in today's planes and the space shuttle -- less effort, money, and energy involved in achieving flight.

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